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Dear Dressage Rider,

The International Institute of Dressage has been created to fill the need of dressage riders looking to progress to the next level in their riding. For some this is an Olympic dream, for others it is to canter a circle. Our mission statement reflects this: “To inspire, educate and support dressage riders so they can take their riding to the next level.”

To do this we have a unique training system firmly centred around goals, progress and measured improvement.

We love to support riders and provide a goal-focussed, supportive, high standard environment to push you every day to becoming a better rider than you ever thought you could be.

We are located in Garfield, Victoria, just an hour drive from Melbourne. Click here for location details and a map.

At the International Institute of Dressage we offer:


Full care agistment for the owner who wants and needs the best. We understand caring for a top dressage horse takes time. Sometimes it is a challenge to find the time so we offer an opportunity for you to have your ‘own’ groom at your disposal to help you saddle, unsaddle, wash your horse, rugs and gear as well as feed, rug and groom your horse daily. Click here to check out our agistment options.

 IID lessons 2

Rider education and lessons from coaches trained in our unique system of “inspire, educate, support” so you achieve your goals.

 IID lessons olympic Regular personal private dressage coaching with Olympic dressage specialists to fast track your dressage journey and give you the most up to date training techniques in the world.

Dressage training and competition campaigning for your special dressage horse.

All of us here at the International Institute of Dressage are dressage riders and understand the struggle and sometimes frustration of trying to improve our dressage scores and make progress through the levels. That is why we are committed to inspire, educate and support all our riders through their dressage journey and ensure they hit their goals and take their dressage to the next level.

I personally struggled through 15 years of trying before I became a Grand Prix rider. Now I share my system of Dressage Mastery all over the world to help riders understand their dressage and make the progress they want in their riding. I wanted to create a space where we could do that here. A training facility that wasn’t about surface looks and quick fixes that weren’t sustainable. I wanted to create a training space that inspired, educated and supported me in my goal towards Olympic Gold and in turn help others with their individual journeys.

So have a look around our website and make sure you fill out the form on the right hand side of the page to keep yourself informed on up and coming events, IID news and special offers at the International Institute of Dressage. We look forward to meeting you and having you progress with your dressage journey!

To Your Success,

Natasha Althoff
Grand Prix Dressage Rider
First person in Australiasia to take a Friesian to Grand Prix

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